We've all heard the term Paperless Business banded around. But what makes a business Paperless?
This website is funded by the powers that be as an incentive for those who are already mindful about the environment as well as an effective way of spreading awareness about the incentive.
Download The Paperless Logo from a full suite of logos to suite whatever application you have planned for it. Or just download the whole suite in one easy click.
In similar fashion to Facebook and Twitter, we offer a few simple lines of code that you can drop into your own website allowing you proudly boast of your environmental efforts. You deserve the good PR.
We congratulate you on focussing the world on
a badge of honour that shoould encourage some
real-world progress   Martina Haplore, Edinburgh UK
I love that this is free! It would have been so
tempting to commercialise something that is so good for our planet,
as well as corporate PR!   Hend Mohammed-Quial, Al Khubar Saudi/London UK
It is nice to find that a officially funded logo actually looks quite nice on my website.
Kudos for using a proper design agency, even for a non-profit incentive.
Well done!   David Wells, Jberg SA