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So What Defines Paperless?

We've all heard the term "Paperless" being banded around. But technically, what makes a business Paperless?

"Going Paperless" is the ethos of digitising anything that is unnecessarily applied to paper.

While we understand in most workplaces it is not currently feasible to totally eliminate the use of paper, in most cases invoices, documents, letters and cheques need not be printed & posted as email is commonplace. Faxing is becoming redundant. Filing can be done on servers instead of in large cabinets, loyalty cards will become phone apps, even shop window displays are superseding printed banners with digital screens.

Do you qualify?

If any THREE apply in your workplace, then it should be noted that you are actively contributing toward a paperless environment. You have the right to call yourself a Paperless Business and use The Paperless Logo and any of our code snippets on your website.

  • Formal communications are conducted via email/phone instead of posted letter.
  • Invoices are sent via email or made available online without being printed.
  • Payments are made online and not by cheque unless required.
  • You do not use a fax machine.
  • Filing is done on hard drives, servers or online and you do not use filing cabinets.
We congratulate you on focussing the world on
a badge of honour that should encourage some
real-world progress   Martina Haplore, Edinburgh UK
I love that this is free! It would have been so
tempting to commercialise something that is so good for our planet,
as well as corporate PR!   Hend Mohammed-Quial, Al Khubar Saudi/London UK
All our reporters agree that this initiative is a simple and effective symbol of which
we are thrilled to embrace. We proudly display on all our releases. We are committed to
environmental progress worldwide.   Scott King, Washington DC US
It is nice to find that a officially funded logo actually looks quite nice on my website.
Kudos for using a proper design agency, even for a non-profit incentive.
Well done!   David Wells, Jberg SA
You have to ask why it took us so long as a planet to desist in chopping down trees in order to
communicate! Well done in getting this global accreditation out there and setting simple, progressive
and realistic guidelines as to its use.   Lisbeth Kristensen, Bergen Norway
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